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Techonology & Reference

The Benefits

INFINITY THERMAL The Leaders in Heat Transfer

As with all Infinity heaters, our CRES and CENTAX designs offer the best size, weight and cost savings available in the market. The durability and specialized construction of our heaters make them respond faster, control easier and cost less than all the electrically isolated heater units in the market.

***Underwriters Labs – Infinity has many UL Listed products available for your applications.

***NEC – All Infinity heaters are designed to meet area NEC installation and code compliance.

Optional Equipment offered by Infinity

Infinity provides to many different Customer Levels, from the Equipment Manufacturer who needs little to no supporting optional equipment, to the end user who requires fully functional turnkey systems. Select the product and components you would require for your application with this list of added components. (These components are added as required by the customer as many of Infinity Customers manufacture their own equipment and do not require redundant devices.)

  • Flow Switches
  • Pressure Switches
  • Over-Temperature Switches
  • Manual and Automated Valves
  • Timers
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • More…

Technical Considerations for designing an INFINITY Inline Heater

  • Flow Rates – What is the volume flow rate required for your process, as this will determine the amount of power required for the heater? (Q)
  • Temperature RISE – What is the maximum change in temperature required for your application, i.e. 60° to 160° is a temperature rise of 100, this is the number which should be used as the delta T variable for calculating power requirements. (ΔT)
  • Pressure – Most standard Infinity heaters allow for a max operating pressure of 150 psi, however Infinity can design product to operate at elevated pressures up to @ 3500 psi or better.
  • Inlet and Outlet Ports – What are the process connections you will require? Infinity does not charge more for changing from standard designs to specialized designs, like sanitary, compression, VCR or Flare etc. Let us know what would work perfectly for your application and we will make it happen.
  • Temperature Considerations – – Most Infinity Heaters have a useful temperature to @1000°F, we can design higher temp products with specialized designs and considerations, please contact sales for more information on higher temp products.
  • Materials of Construction – – Infinity’s standard product line is constructed of all Stainless Steel, mainly 316L heater elements and 304L housing bodies. However, Teflon™/PTFE/PFA, Quarts, Incoloy and Titanium are all standard options for Infinity Inline heaters.
  • Power and Temperature Controls – All Infinity heaters can come stand alone or with control loops. Most of our control loops are isolated enclosures, so you can mount the heater conveniently in the process and the control enclosure in a location convenient for the operator. All Infinity control enclosures come standard with solid state power controls and PID temp controls with optional communications, RS485, RS232, retran4-20ma, 0-10v etc.
  • Outdoor/Exterior Duty/NEMA 4X – If you require a heater for a wash down area or outdoor service, simply let the sales engineer know and we can design all of our product to meet your requirements.
  • Explosion Proof / Classified Areas – Infinity can design most of its heaters to operate within classified areas, for Class 1 Div 1-2, or ATEX etc. Let us know the classification and we can design a component to meet your requirements.
  • Sensors – All of the Infinity heaters come with a control Thermocouple (type K standard) unless otherwise noted. These thermocouples monitor the temperature of the fluid or media within the heater housing, not the temperature of the element. Other sensors for fail safe control are available. Thermal switches mounted on the exterior housing can be specified or insertion style probes for media control/protection.